Special products

EMI-shieldsEMC shield

We are producing EMC shields according to customer’s drawings. By this technic it is possible to produce other type of thin plate products. We only need drawings by drawn to 2d , for ex. in DXF format.

  • EMC shield is solderable to PCB, just like components.
  • Bending can be done without special tools, by help of half etched lines.
  • By half etching it is possible to add logo or texts to surface of shield.
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Material 0,15 tai 0,25 mm nickel silver
  • Delivery in practical panel (look picture)
  • Suits very good up to several hundred’s pieces series.
  • Makes possible to use completely own design.

EMC shield


Touch protection shields and front panels

  • We produce touch protection shields and front panels by CNC routing.
  • Material on 1,0 mm paperbakelite.
  • Pictures or texts are possible to print to boards.

Touch protection shield







Solder support or other additional plates

  • We produce different kind soldering supprt boards from FR4.
  • Typically used for. ex. flex boards carrier in reflow process.


Test fixture plates

  • According to customer files, we are drillin test fixtures.
  • Legend prints can be done to plates.


CNC – routing service

We do different kind of drilling and routing jobs. Can be fixture, touch shield, soldering support plate etc. Standart FR4 material by different thicknesses. Other materials by special order. Legend printing can be done too.

CNC - routing service


Design service

We are producing manufacturing files from old jobs where files in electrical mode does not exist. We can cmake working copy from old films, or scanning from sample board. Pls take contact to us.

old product


Repair service

We can do small repairs also to other supplier’s boards. It can be missing legend print, missing drill holes or routings. Every repair operation will be handled case by case and agreed with customer.

CNC Mape


Test service

We can do e-test for other suppliers PCBs to find possible short cuts or openings. What we need to this is only boards and complete gerber files.

Testing equipment