Prototype services

R&D prototype

This service is meant for R&D purposes. Simplified, fast  prototype PCB produced by real PCB processes. Result is much better than protos done by routing machines. And of course, double sided boards will have plated through holes. Delivered with bare copper surface or leadfree HASL tin.


  • FR4 , material 1.6 mm, 35 µm finished copper (other thicknesses available, but for different price)
  • Valid only for 1 ja 2 layer boards.
  • Max. total surface area / type 7,5 dm3
  • Max. quantity 20 PCS
  • Max. size 250×300 mm
  • Min hole size 0,4mm and +0,3 mm for pad diameter
  • Surface finish choices,  copper or lead free HASL (Sn100C)
  • Does NOT have solder masks, legend print or e-test (these can be done , but for different price)
  • No paneling, if needed + 25 €

Prices: 3 working day double sided board with plated through holes 190€ / series, single sided 110€

Upon agreement we can make protos in one (1) working day, provided that the working files have been send to us by 10.00 AM.

NOTE! In case the prototype contains more types of boards and the files are send unpanelized, we will charge hourly fee for the CAD department to panelize the boards for you.

1-2 sided prototypes

As oppside as R&D prototype, these prototypes will have all normal PCB processes, like solder masks, legend prints, e-tests.Prototype

  • Delivery times starting 3 working days (when below 1 m2)
  • FR4, ALU , special laminates
  • Different laminate thicknesses, most common are  0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 or 2.4 mm
  • Different copper thicknesses, most common are 18,35,70,105 u
  • Surface finish choices: lead free HASL immersion tin or NiAu (chemical gold, ENIG)
  • Solder masks, several colour choices, most common are green, white, black
  • Legend prints, most common colours are white and black

Multi layer prototypes

These prototypes are containing all normal PCB manufacturing processes, ie. solder masks, legend prints and electrical testing.

  • Delivery times starting 5 wd (when below 1 m2)
  • FR4, special laminates on request
  • Different laminate thicknesses, most common are 0.8,1.0,1.2,1.6,2.0 tai 2,4 mm
  • Different copper thicknesses,  most common are 18,35,70,105 um
  • Surface finish choices, lead free HAL or  NiAu (chemical gold, ENIG)
  • Solder masks, several colour choices, most common are green, white or black
  • Legend prints, most common choices are white or black