One Stop Shop – One supplier for all kind of PCB products

Printti-Valmiste Oy is family owned, 1981 established company with long line experience in PCB manufacturing and parallel products for the industry. We can supply almost all kind of PCB types, stencils, EMI shields and front panels. We can take comprehensive responsibility from prototypes, to production series, up to spare parts, regardless of product manufacturing technique or volumes.

We are not just PCB supplier (re-seller), we are real manufacturer which really knows technical facts when it comes to good productivity. If needed, you can get from us technical consultation when product is in prototype phase. This results cost savings for PCB’s whole life time.

You can supply for us only single PCBs production files, we will do everything else, such as panelization, fiducials etc. We will produce PCBs, stencil files and stencils. All this you can get with one order, from one company.

You can concentrate to your own key business, we would act like an extension of your design and buying dept. Competitive prices, and service, accurate delivery times and stable quality on the long run are very important matters for us.

We can solve your problems

Knowing of PCB manufacturing technology helps us to find solutions to products which are still in prototype phase. Right solutions at beginning of product lifetime are making them cost effective, more robust and better products.

Service orientation

We can work very flexibly, outside normal working hours if needed, at local area we can even bring PCBs directly to your production if it is required.

Experience guarantees quality

Experience brings confidence to make right , safe choices. Our whole staff has worked in this branch for a long time. Despite of that, we are still willing to learn and develop us more.

Communication and openness

We are aiming for fast, easy and open communication. With us, you can openly discuss about prices competition situation, whatever. Competitors can do what they do, we will only focus to do our job as well as we can.